Mission Statement

Zeiss loops used to draw Marilyn MonroeMy goal is to receive a commission for a second portrait, one with specifications like that of my portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Drawing is one of civilization’s oldest disciplines. The drawing I made has set a new standard for portraiture and two-dimensional imagery which has never before existed in the history of art.

Walters Art Museum director Dr. Gary Vikan has said that this drawing is singularly new and without precedent, using names like DaVinci, Dürer and Ingres to describe and contextualize it.

Artist David Hockney has seen the piece and called it “scrutiny and rigor” like he has never before seen. Physicist and optical scientist Dr. Charles Falco has also examined it closely; he too has said that it has no precedent and that such a portrait cannot be made with any photomechanical device that currently exists in the world.

We remember Lorenzo Di Medici today, not because of his life as a banker in Florence but because he commissioned Michelangelo.

Whoever commissions my next portrait will enter the future and enter history.